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“The phrase “free education” is a deliberate choice. For unless education continues to be free – free in its response to local community needs, free from any suggestion of political domination, and free from impediments to the pursuit of knowledge by teachers and students – it will cease to serve the purposes of free men.”

— President Eisenhower to Congress 2/8/55


“The peace we seek, founded upon a decent trust and cooperative effort among nations, can be fortified – not by weapons of war – but by wheat and by cotton, by milk and by wool; by meat, timber and rice. These are words that translate into every language on earth.”

— President Eisenhower Outlining Proposal for Peace in World, 4/17/53


“You have got to have something in which to believe. You have got to have leaders, organization, friendships, and contacts that help you believe that, and help you put out your best.”

— Eisenhower’s remarks to the leaders of the United Defense Fund, 4/29/55

Civil Rights

“Unity of our people implies a host of great tasks and duties. It demands, on all fronts and in all senses, the keenest guard against divisive propaganda, the sternest watch against divisive prejudice. It demands a true fellowship of peoples of all religious beliefs and of all national origins.”

— President Eisenhower to the National Conference of Christians and Jews 10/15/56


“We must be armed with international compacts and sound trade policy and firm currency. But above all we must be armed with devotion to the morality of freedom.”

— Gen. Eisenhower Campaign Speech 11/4/52


“Successful management of the debt of the Federal Government is one of the most important foundation stones of the sound financial structure of our nation. The public debt must be managed as to safeguard the public credit. It must also be managed in a way that is consistent with economic growth and stability.”

— President Eisenhower on Bond Interest Ceilings and Federal Debt Limit 6/9/59